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Protect your home from winter weather damage

Protect your home from winter weather damage by cleaning out gutters

The cold temps we experienced earlier this month were just a hint of the winter weather yet to come – is your home ready to take on the elements? We don’t want to be bearers of bad news, but when temperatures decrease, the risk of damage to your home increases. The good news is you can…

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Why did my auto insurance rates go up?

Man frustrated his auto insurance rates increased

You haven’t filed any claims. You have a clean driving record. You haven’t made any changes to your liability limits, deductable or coverage. Yet you receive notification right before renewal that your auto insurance rates are increasing. Let’s face it. Trying to stay on top of your auto insurance rates can be a huge pain…

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College Wars: May the Coverage Be with You!

College students need insurance before they head off to school.

One of the most anticipated events and loved film series is Star Wars! From those who fondly remember seeing that massive star destroyer fill the theater screen for the first time in 1977, to those who’ve only watched the later animated version, millions of fans eagerly await a return to that universe far, far away.…

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