Farm Insurance

When farming is your full-time occupation, farm insurance is a necessity. This type of coverage works like a hybrid of a homeowners policy and a commercial policy because farmers live and work on the same property. Standard homeowner policies may cover some farming activities when done more as a hobby, but it will not cover to the extent needed if farming is your bread and butter.

The primary forms of coverage offered on farm policies include:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Farm liability coverage

Every farm is unique and your insurance should be, too. Our experienced agents can help you determine which of these types of coverage would be beneficial to meeting your goals and which would not:

  • Barn or outbuilding coverage
  • Crop coverage
  • Livestock coverage
  • Equipment coverage
  • Loss of business income coverage
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Commercial vehicle coverage
  • Errors and omissions

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“I began working with the Eck Agency on my farm policy.  Michael Eck came out to review my situation and was able to offer me the best deal for my money.  I can always reach out to them on any questions and they will get right back to me with answers.”  – Cecil A.

“I’m overall very satisfied with the service we have received. You got us just the coverage we needed without any fluff or auxiliaries which we greatly appreciated.” – Customer satisfaction survey 2019

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