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Commercial Insurance

Track different class codes to help with insurance rates.

Get better commercial insurance rates

Who wants improved insurance coverage for their business? What about a better rate for that coverage? If you own a business and you’re not raising your hand … well, you could be throwing your hard-earned cash out the door. For those of you who do want better insurance coverage and rates – keep reading! While…

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How do you insure a personal truck used for business purposes?

Commercial auto policy vs. personal auto policy

You’re set to hit the road in your trusty truck. You have a list a mile long of the things you need to do and the jobsites you have to visit to keep your business running. You jump in the front seat, throw the truck in drive, step on the gas and you’re off! You’ve…

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Personal Insurance

Piggy bank with coins coming out because of higher home and auto insurance costs

Why home and auto insurance rates are rising in 2022

You may see a bigger change to the cost of your home and auto insurance when it comes time to renew your policies this year. Why, you ask? It’s all thanks to an unusual convergence of market trends, ushered in by the pandemic and other disruptive events. Insurance rates are based on what an insurer…

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Safe drivers can earn savings on their insurance with telematics technology

Savings available for safe drivers

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay less to insure your car? If you’re a safe driver, you now have options to drive your auto insurance rates down by enrolling in one of the many telematics programs. Also known as usage-based programs, several auto insurance carriers now offer some type of program. What telematics and usage-based…

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Protect your home from winter weather damage by cleaning out gutters

Protect your home from winter weather damage

The cold temps we experienced earlier this month were just a hint of the winter weather yet to come – is your home ready to take on the elements? We don’t want to be bearers of bad news, but when temperatures decrease, the risk of damage to your home increases. The good news is you can…

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Life & Health Insurance

6 reasons NOT to rely on life insurance through work

6 reasons not to rely on life insurance through work

Many employers do their best to offer benefits over and beyond their staff’s regular pay, like life insurance through work. If you’re working for a company that provides these added benefits, that is great news! And while we agree you should take advantage of these perks, we also want you to be fully aware of…

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How much does Medicare cost?

How much does Medicare cost?

Cost can be a big determining factor when deciding which Medicare plan is best for you. There are some pieces of Medicare that have pretty straight-forward premiums, deductibles and coinsurance. However, there are other parts with a lot of variables that determine cost. Take a look at this brief overview of Medicare costs, and then…

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After looking into all of their options, these seniors are happy with the Medicare coverage they found.

Which Medicare plan is best for me?

This is a question many seniors struggle with from the first time they become eligible for Medicare, and it can continue every year after open enrollment. Are Medicare Parts A and B sufficient? Should you get a Medicare supplement with or without Part D? Would Parts C and D be better? Many seniors and other…

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